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. Jul 26, 2020 As of this release, my Staccato (formerly STI) P has surpassed the 10,000 round mark.

Built with an integrated compensated barrel and a balanced trigger, this pistol is at the top of many gun owners wish lists.

I test speed, accuracy and functionality as being a gun that could serve as your every day carry.

. Accessories Mag holster by Black Hawk. Glock G17 Gen4.

Width measured at base plate.

. Mar 30, 2018 Original creators of the 2011 platform as a whole and formerly known as STI, Staccato pistols are easily some of the hottest out-of-the-box performers in all of handgun-dom Taking STI&39;s original focus on incredibly high-performance competition pistols and combining it with duty and carry options as well, Staccato 2011s just RUN - but all of. The &39;Glock Style Rear Sight Add-On&39; is only availble on select optics which include Trijicon RMRCC.

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Please contact me if you have this model and can provide measurements.

47 in. 99 Taran Tactical Innovations 2011 Magazine Springs 8.

Nov 4, 2022 14. .

5 lbs trigger like the XC but with a very pronounced hard wall.

Magazine. . Staccato XC.

In todays video we finally get our new Staccato XC out on the range Lots of good things, a few things we dont like and new shooters checking out the plat. The new pistol has a 5-inch barrel, flared mag well, 181 capacity and is priced so just about everyone can afford one. Check Price. Yup, you read that right 2011. It is similar to the Glock 17 in size. It was made as a competition-ready pistol.

Striker-Fired Full-Sized Pistol Chambered in 9mm Luger.

Check Price. Hitting the target even for novices is easy to do.

Staccato P.

The Staccato C is more like a CCO (Commander slide, Officers frame) 1911 (give or take of course) and the single-stack, cross comparable 9mm mags (with other CommanderCCO 1911 (9mms) are of course.


Nov 4, 2022 14.