Nov 29, 2018 In fact, the entire car is switched to Motul.

I do about 90 city driving with lots of stop and go, not much highway. Lucas Oil 10702-PK6 High Performance Synthetic 20W-50 Motorcycle Oil.

MOTUL Brake Fluids.

I can pick up a gallon from Wally World (WalMart) for 19.

. Amsoil has esters and Redline has esters. Main Difference of Motul Vs Amsoil Motuls 100 synthetic products are formulated with race-proven.


Same thing, he hated it. The Honda OEM is 5W-30. .

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Motul 3.


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Discussion Starter 1 Sep 15, 2011. Amsoil 2.

Torco 5.
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Brake fluid, coolant, transaxle.

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it&39;s a few bucks cheaper (ie not 13 a quart like motul) and more readily available. Jun 10, 2020. People swear by Amsoil too so I was wondering if it's worse the mark up.

The Amsoil is 5W-30, the Motul is 75W-90. . Same thing, he hated it. . Oct 20, 2012 I was going to post a thread on AMSOIL vs. Castrol TBN and Cleanliness Results from Best to Least 1.

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Motul, Mobil 1, Shell, Redline, Amsoil all make a good oil with a decent additive package. IMHO - Amsoil gear oil is the best thing they do and is arguably the best gear oil on the market.

It withstands extreme heat and shearing forces, exceeding industry standards to protect your engine from wear-and passes Villas viscosity breakdown test 46 percent better than Mobil 1.


The fact is the oil injection puts in such small amounts of oil the issues common on premix just don't apply.

Amsoil Best synthetic engine oil runner-up This premium synthetic motor oil from Amsoil provides 75 more engine protection and 50 more cleaning power than.

Detergent oils contain dispersants, friction modifiers, anti-foam, anti-corrosion, and anti-wear additives.